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"Random Topics"
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Jul 15th, 2008
So, we're slowly starting to work on creating a StayBattlin help section for the new site, and we'd love to get some input on things you guys would like to see here.

Like, how if you want to learn how to insert images into your text entries, or create hyperlinks to things, or whatever... Just create your wish list, and post it to this thread.

That way, we'll have an open forum to figure out what everyone wants to know how to do, and in the next few weeks when we start unrolling this section, it will be "helpful" to the community :)

Thanks for the support and feedback as usual. Hopefully one day we're really going to pull all of the pieces together and really start building this thing up...

(good things come to those who wait!)


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Jul 15th, 2008
Here are some requests that we've got so far: - How to include Images in Text Areas - How to create hyperlinks in Text Areas - How to crop images (to create nicer looking covers for uploaded media items) (We'll create basic tutorials for the regular media creation stuff too, like Text, Images, Events, etc... although that's all pretty straightforward with the new site...)

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