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"News & Community Issues"
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Feb 16th, 2009

Today (Tuesday), General Motors (GM) will be receiving a handsom $4 billion from the US government in an effort to keep operating. Of course, if they wish to receive any more cash, they have to turn in a “restructuring plan” electronically to the government by today. (Read more details here)

The billions of tax dollars that will go out to troubled auto companies during this nationwide economic crisis in the upcoming years for “bailout” plans seem to be flying off the shelves even before the new parameters for receiving more money are being outlined. The Obama administration seems optimistic and anxious to see what changes and sacrifices these American automakers will offer up in exchange for future operation funding.

One of the biggest questions are unfortunately, “will the money be spent in vain?” You could even conduct your own survey and ask ten people (random or not) which auto manufacture they would consider to be reliable and trustworthy to build durable automobiles. More than likely the percentage might yield heavily towards foreign over domestic. That’s a grim trend to consider when billions of taxpayer’s dollars will be handed over to domestic automakers today. Yet, not all hope is lost.

A relatively new California based auto company named Aptera, plans to roll out production of its super efficient, all electric Aptera 2e model come this October. This futuristic styled, glossy car is promising 100 mpg, and a top speed of 90-mph (Check out this article for more details). There’s even a video of a man whacking the roof of this car with a sledgehammer to showcase the car’s durability! (Watch Part 2 of the video line-up to see that video) The only downside I can see at this point regarding this nice little car is the fact that they’re only releasing it in California when the cars start to roll out for production.

So my questions to you all are simply these:

1. Do you think American automakers can follow the Aptera’s lead and make cars that solve real economic issues for consumers?

2. Will we start to see more American cars that change the way we live and travel?

3. What American automakers do you trust to really reform and restructure the way they do business?

Lets hope for a positive future in this matter. I for one can’t wait to test drive an Aptera. Peace.

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Feb 19th, 2009
It's a great idea. I think that before they go mainstream they are going to have to deal with the oil and car companies. There's a reason why energy efficient ideas are put always put on the backburner. This may be the time for it though. The car companies don't have any money to buy Aptera out. Now the Oil companies, that's another story.

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