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"General Hip-Hop Topics"
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Dec 17th, 2008
The Juice

This is what is Wrong with Hip Hop, look at this "Best Rapper Alive" Brackett, try not to vomit, and explain this garbage!


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Dec 19th, 2008
lol wtf is that ish!!!!! Yeah i did vomit when saw that list. thats the most garbage line up with the exception of a few REAL EMCESS, the rest are clowns.

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Dec 20th, 2008
yeah, it's pretty retarded. Some of those people aren't the best MC living in their own home man!!! it's just a reminder of the mindstate of the masses today. There are some people in that list that I wouldn't even consider an MC. Like Soldier Boy for instance. That ain't MC'ing.

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