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May 19th, 2009

If you can hold a Chainsaw Bayonet, then you came to the right place!


In the world of GEARS OF WAR 2, poppin' heads with sniper rifles and cutting Locus in half, we Gears find a certain type of therapy in all this. I'm gonna attempt to organize some GoW play times here and see if we can't grow a decent following for those stressful days when all you need is a little "Sup Bitches!" (that line is curtesy of my friend Kelly lol)


Right now we have only three of us that play every now and again, but it wouldn't hurt to have a five man gig (women can play too, but be advised that there is a Verbal "M/C" rating for mature/crude language that most likely will be used while playing with us lol)


In any case, visit the playtime schedule to figure out if you can join up and kill some stuff with us. Peace... er War lol

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