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Apr 4th, 2008
It seems to be to many DJ's these days, that care more about themselves and their own style, than moving the crowd. You hear these DJ's playing the same sets over and over again, using the same mixes/scratches. Any DJ can make the crowd dance by playing "All About The Benjamins". But can you dig down and get people to dance to something they've never even heard before? Some of my favorite DJ's do it all the time, Dj's Fudge, Basic, and Ethical, got that way by Diggin in the Crates.

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Jun 11th, 2008
I know a guy in Athens/Atlanta who can work a crowd while not just totally pandering to that easy playlist of songs that are guaranteed to work any crowd. He takes chances, he gets creative... but he doesn't really dig in crates so much. He's all digital. However, the man doesn't use headphones when setting up his transitions. For that (and the fact that I'm ALWAYS entertained every time I see him play), I give mad props :) He's got a SB profile, although he's not totally using it yet. Hit him up if you wanna pick his brain!

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Jul 21st, 2008
too me... its really about originality and the ear to play different tracks plus you have to be a conductor and take the people on a journey.. and thanks for the shout greg real djs plays what he wants and move the crowd.. if you take requests.. your a jukebox (my opinion)

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Feb 3rd, 2009
it's a juggling act---20-25yrs ago not everything was played on the radio & there was barely on videos to speak of so the dj's role in rockin' a party was much more prominent---he/she was looked to as one of your main sources of music there were songs being played that you could hear only when a dj played them now days with mtv/bet/ipods peoples access to music is only a click away---the artistry seems to have suffered a bit where less dj's are taking chances with either new material or less known material--you have your top 40 dj's who only play radio friendly hit's & then your underground dj's who play stuff more to the left---it's about knowing your audience--very few dj's can come to that middle ground where creativity & giving the crowd what they want co exist in a happy union---fortunately im one of them (shameless pat on the back) so on that check me out live @ THE BENCH FEB 27 2009 SPINNIN'---BREAKS,HIP HOP & CLASSIC SOUL see the all events section for flyer---PEACE

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Dec 7th, 2009

I know a DJ whose been doing gigs all over Atlanta, at the Vinyl, at warehouses, bars, and clubs, hes pretty amazing, he can scratch, juggle, and work with the beats at a rate that people just get up and break it down to the music. He uplifts the mood and has a lot of experiance. You should give him a call if your in need of a kickass DJ. 6789839126- Dj Durty Harry.

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